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Coffee History

Part V-- Coffee & Sex

According to Timothy McSweeny's, Most Censored Press Releases of 2001: An independent national survey discovered how seriously consumers are committed to their morning cup of coffee.

The Survey asked: If you had to give up one of the following for a month, which would it be? Coffee . Sex . Excuses . Internet access at home . Chocolate

Drinks associated with sex include: alcohol, water, soda pop, tea and coffee. Coffee has been scientifically linked to improving men's and women's sexual functions. Many would like to get their date drunk on alcohol but ninety percent of the people on first meeting say "Want to get a cup of coffee?" Or, "Let's go for coffee."

The results? Coffee is second only to sex on the priority list for both men and women. The majority of respondents would give up chocolate, excuses and the Internet -- in that order -- before they'd substitute water, juice or tea for the most popular beverage in the world.

No other substance can claim the equivalent for sexuality and lawful voluntary consumption as coffee. Alcohol and tea don't even come in at a close second.

"In the 1960s, teenagers in parts of England started frequenting expresso bars, especially the sophisticated coffee bars that had jukeboxes loaded up with the rebellious music of that time (like Elvis!). John Albon, now an Assistant Cheif Constable, spent his adolescence in Brighton where the adults 'were concerned that we were going to coffee bars instead of doing homework and that these bars were corrupting the youth of Brighton.' These havens made it possible to sit all evening, conversing with other teenagers, for the price of a transparent cup of frothy liquid. Expected Sunday press condemnation of such house of ill-refute, where boys smoked and girls were deflowered, may have been justiflied in certain provincial cases where neighbouring gardens were receptacles for cigarette butts and used rubber 'johnnies'." -- excerpted from Alan Clayson's "Beat Merchants"

In a study done by Bio-psychiatrists on sexual function, it was found that the elderly with a consumption of at least one cup of coffee per day had significantly higher rates of sexual activity in women and increased potency rate in men.

And it looks like women in "the world's oldest profession" hold more international coffee patents than men do.
Brothel owners in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland all own more patents than men do in all their respective countries!

Coffee was at one time used by the experts to increase sexual pleasure, then outlawed by wives because coffee made men think in ways wives didn't want them to think.
That was until the wives tried it! Soon women used coffee as a bona fide issue of law for divorce. Grounds for divorce was the man's inability to provide coffee for his wife.
These legal precedents regarding sex and coffee are some 300 years old.

Websites with stories and articles on the subject of Sex and Coffee include: Coffee Is Better Than Sex: "You can make coffee last as long as you want." . Men's Health - A Jolt of Java: "Your morning cup of coffee might be doing more than perking you up. It might be turning you on." . Coffee Date Hell: "At the coffee shop he kept saying that he wanted to climb in my hair like Rapunzel's." . You know you've been drinking too much coffee when: "When someone says "How are you?" you say, "Good to the last drop."

"They took away smoking, they took away drugs and promiscuous sex, they took away eating red meat and cat calling hot chicks on the street. All I have left is over-priced coffee, and by God I'm going to drink it!" - Brent Sienna

"Some people belive in Love, Peace and Soul I, however, believe in Caffiene, Sex and Rock and Roll; If it doesn't make my ears bleed, give me a buzz or screams my name I don't give a f*%#!" - Byron A. McIsaac

Part I - Journey To India . Part II - The Obsession . Part III - The Holy Drink . Part IV - The Coffee Houses . Part V - Coffee & Sex

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