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The Decent Advantages

The Decent Coffee Cosy seals the heat in
your french press or bodum, by securely wrapping around the glass carafe and closing with a convenient velcro fastener. The wrap design leaves the spout and plunger accessible, allowing the The Decent Coffee Cosy to remain on the French press while steep-ing, plunging and pouring . This ensures that the heat stays securely within the press, keeping your coffee just brewed hot for a much longer period of time.

You don't have to ruin the flavour of your French Press made coffee by reheating or decanting into thermal containers!

It keeps your coffee STEAMING HOT!

The Decent Coffee Cosy fits nicely around an 1 litre or 1.5 litre french press, cafetiere or bodum and is available in elegant timeless black, the colour of a great cup of coffee!

The Decent Coffee Cosy It's an attractive counterpart to your french press coffee maker and makes a great gift to those who appreciate coffee as much as you do.

Treat yourself to the hottest, most flavourful coffee you can get from your French press! You deserve it!

Quality and Durability

Superior quality construction of water resistant fabric double stitched with two layers of thermal insulation, The Decent Coffee Cosy is reversible, washable and built to last, The Decent Coffee Cosy keeps the heat in!

Developed and tested with the idea of keeping that perfect brew hotter, longer,
The Decent Coffee Cosy is designed to enhance your coffee experience.

The Decent Coffee Cosy, BUY IT HERE!

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