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Rock star turns love for coffee into e-business Brad Merritt/ 54•40 member has developed a cosy to keep 2nd cup hot

Whether it's idling time away on a tour bus, playing hurry-up-and-wait for never-ending interviews or laying down tracks at a studio, many a rock star kills time drinking coffee.
It's something 54•40's Brad Merritt knows about. After 20 years of touring, Merritt, 40, has tasted the good, the bad and the watery.

A coffee-addicted rocker brews a solution to cold java Irritation was the mother of this invention

Years of touring exposed Mr. Merritt, a self-confessed caffeine addict, to cup after cup of bad coffee at greasy roadside cafes and cheap motels. Early on, he gave up on coffee shops and started making his own coffee with a French press. This created a new problem, however: The French press doesn't keep the coffee warm for very long. So Mr. Merritt set out to invent some sort of an insulator that would allow the press, or Bodum as it is called by aficionados, retain heat.

54•40 bassist hums a different tune with java gadget

Inventor and marketer of the 'French Press coffee cozy', a thermal insulator that wraps around Bodum coffeemakers, sold in Vancouver kitchenware stores and on line, at (; also, bassist for Vancouver-based rock band 54•40 since 1981.

Got your paper, settled for a Saturday morning, sipping your coffee. You pour a second cup; it's cold.

Love that French press/Bodum coffee, but hate that it cools so quickly. Here's a new little number that will be music to your ears. A coffee cosy, the brainchild of 54•40 bassist Brad Merritt no less, is now being marketed on the Internet.

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