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Coffee History

Turkish Coffee
(Türk Kahvesi)
Turkish coffee is sold either green, as roasted beans, or in ground form in small shops
known as
"Kuru Yemisçi", meaning a person who sells many varieties of coffee, nuts,
dried fruits, candy, alcoholic beverages and other delicacies.
It is generally prepared
by grinding the coffee beans into a fine powder to insure the strongest possible flavor.
The amount of roasting may differ according to taste.

Turkish coffee is never filtered,
causing some of the fine powder
to be mixed with the drink. This
gives the coffee its chalky texture.
The coffee is combined with
water and spices in an ibrik.

Unsweetened Turkish coffee is known as "country style" since rural folk could not afford sweeteners. Sweet Turkish coffee is mixed with either honey or sugar. In Russian and Armenian provinces, unsweetened Turkish coffee may be sipped through a sugarcube held between the teeth!

Turkish Coffee Recipe:
Ground Turkish Coffee - 1 teaspoon
(2 g), Sugar - 1 teaspoon (4 g),
Water - 1 demitasse (60 g)

Measure coffee and sugar into a cezve
(Turkish coffee pot). Add water & stir.
Heat at low temperature until the
surface is frothy -- do not boil. Pour
frothy part into demitasse. Place cezve
over heat again, bringing to a rising
boil. Pour more coffee into demitasse.
Heat again to rising boil. Pour all into
1 serving.

How to serve
Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is served in porcelain
demitasses of various sizes. An average
demitasse is equal to a 1/4 cup. Coffee is
served for guests with candy, chocolate or
Lokum -- Turkish Delight.

It is usually enjoyed at midday
or after meals.
An old Turkish saying about coffee:
"Bir kahve fincanin kirk yil hatiri vardir".
If someone offers you coffee, you should respect, honour, and remember
them for 40 years for their great gift.

In 15th Century Turkey it was legal for a woman to
divorce her husband if he failed to provide her with her
daily quota of coffee!

"Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love."
- Turkish Proverb

Part I - Journey To India . Part II - The Obsession . Part III - The Holy Drink . Part IV - The Coffee Houses . Part V - Coffee & Sex

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