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Save the Last dance
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Reviewed by: Kimberly May Maurice
Starring: Julia Stiles & Sean Patrick Thomas
Directed by: Thomas Carter

5 beans out of 5

A Pleasant Surprise

I don’t know about you, but I am sick to death of all those over-done “teeny-bopper” movies that are invading the cinema these days. When I went to see the latest installment of the ‘Julia Stiles movie collection’ I wasn’t holding my breath. I went to see it for the dancing.

I was planning on ignoring what I was certain would be a non-existant or cliched plot. Instead, what I found was a refreshingly honest and real portayal of the obstacles of life for a white teenage girl in the black Chicago ghetto.

Whether it be dealing with a bi-racial relationship and the prejudices that go along with it, or the conquering of fears, this movie does well to speak clearly on tough issues. While you may be reminded of “Dangerous Minds, Dirty Dancing, or Flashdance”, at times, this movie is unique and extremely well done.

Cinemagraphically, it is wonderful to watch, and the music will keep you jiving ‘til morning.

If you are searching for a love story to watch this Valentines Day, “Save the Last Dance” is a guaranteed success. It is witty, funny, suspenseful, surprising, romantic, and inspiring.

What more could you want?

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