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The Wedding Planner
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Reviewed by:
Neil Kipling
Starring: Jennifer Lopez &
Matt McConaughe
Directed by: Peter Abrams

3 beans out of 5

Looking for a Date Movie?

If its mindless, mushy love pap you're looking for then you've got it with "The Wedding Planner". After seeing Jennifer Lopez in "The Cell" (did anybody find a workable plot in there???), its quite a surprise to see her as the love interest in her next film. No serial killers here, no dissected horses, and, sorry ladies, no nude, bongo-playin' Matt McConaughey either!!!

Lopez plays the sweet, innocent, obsessive-compulsive wedding planner who goes home every night and folds the sheets on the bed neatly . . . while she's in it. McConaughey plays "Eddie", the nice guy pediatrician who saves her from a fate worse than being smoked by a dumpster. And of course, after the near-death incident, romance ensues. Only it just so happens that Eddie is engaged to Miss Wedding Planner's biggest client (played by the cringe-inducing Brigitte Wilson). The usual cutesy-poo, romance-comedy stuff ensues and most of it is pretty predictable, but, Lopez and McConaughey have enough chemistry to pull it off without leaving you too disappointed.

So, I guess I'd have to say that if its date movie material you're after, then you've got it.

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