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The Bean Scoop's caffeinated movie reviews

All About My Mother

Cecilia Roth, Marisa Paredes, Penelope
Cruz, Eloy Azorin, Toni Canto, Candela PeŮa,
Antonia San Juan, Rosa Maria Sarda.

Drama, Foreign
R (for sexuality including strong sexual
dialogue, language, and some drug content)
4 Beans Out of 5!

Awards: Selected as one of the five Best Foreign Films of the year by the National Board of Review;
Best Foreign Language Film, 2000 Golden Globes; Best Foreign Language Film, 72nd Annua
Academy Awards, Best Director, 1999 Cannes Film Festival.

This is the story of a mother (Roth) who undertakes a pilgrimage to Barcelona, revisting the places of her past. She is soon the center of a circle of women including a wayward nun (Cruz), an old transvestite friend (San Juan), and a famous actress (Paredes).

Review: Donít you just hate those reviews that, like movie trailers, give away the entire plot, subplot and central theme of a film? I do! Iíll try to avoid that.

This Spanish film won the Oscar for the Best Foreign Film in 2000. Granted, I havenít seen the films it was up against, but I have seen a few of the English Best Picture nominees and All About My Mother is certainly up to their

This movie submerges us into lives that we often just glance over - those of transsexuals, transvestites and their families. It raises questions that middle-class America rarely ponders and does it all without melodrama. I was transported, entertained and enlightened by this film.

For a movie that will stay with you long after you leave the theatre and even provide a little dinner conversation, see All About My Mother. Reviewed by P.J. Angus

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