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The Bean Scoop's caffeinated movie reviews

High Fidelity

New Domestic Release
Starring: John Cusack, Tim
Robbins, Joan Cusack, Lisa
Bonet, Jack Black, Lili Taylor,
Joelle Carter.

Genre: Comedy/Romance
Rating: R for language & some

3.5 Beans Out of a Full Brew Five

Why 3.5?
An entire movie dedicated to the minutiae of music and manhood,
helmed by the on-again, off-again John Cusack in "on" mode. Jack
Black steals every scene he is in as the manic part-time record store
employee who shows up seven days a week. Sister Joan joins John,
as do Catherine Zeta-Jones, Springsteen, Tim Robbins, Lisa Bonet
and Lili Taylor.

Why Not a 5?
Based on the must read book by British novelist Nick Hornby, they
moved the book from Britain to the U.S. Kudos for no posh accent
by Cusack, but loyalists will be miffed. Still, references to the Beta
Band help bridge the ocean.

The Last Drop: Funny, lags a bit in places, pokes at male foibles
with deadly accuracy. The book was a bit of a male Bridget Jones,
but Hornby did it first and better. Warning - could lead to intense
post-film discussions concerning relationships.

Reviewed by Jason McRobbie

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