French Press Tips

Why a French Press?

A French press is for people who celebrate their coffee!

Take the Plunge: French presses are preferred by many Europeans and are gaining popularity in North America. The device consists of a glass cylinder with a metal rod extending through the center. Protruding from the top end of the rod is a handle and at the bottom end is a filter that fits snugly around the inside of the glass cylinder. Coffee grounds dampened with a small amount of cold water are placed in the cylinder. Boiling water allowed to cool to just below a boil is then poured over the grounds. After they are allowed to steep, the plunger is pushed down, separating the grounds from the beverage. This unique method adds a heavy body to compliment the fine flavour of the coffee beans. Without a paper filter, all the rich oils of the coffee bean seep into the coffee, making for the perfect cup. For a great guide to French Press coffee-making, check out Martha Stewart's French Press Tips.

Tips for Decent Coffee!

French Press wearing a cosy

How to prepare great coffee!

  1. While waiting for your kettle to boil, pre-heat your french press with hot water (just like a teapot!)
  2. Experiment with all the variables in making coffee, which include coffee beans, grind, temperature of water, proportion of coffee to water, steep time, speed of pour into cup, BUT only change one variable at a time to facilitate a direct path to coffee nirvana!
  3. Leave the Decent Coffee Cosy on the French press. Take it off only when cleaning or rinsing out plunger pot.
  4. After plunging, wait 1 minute before pouring to allow sediment to settle.
  5. Try pouring coffee into cup very slowly. this allows some of the oils on top to slip into your cup! - Enjoy! You deserve it!

How to store coffee.

Check out our Decent Coffee Canister. It keeps your coffee fresh!