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Decent Christmas Gifts!

All things Decent...

The Decent Coffee Cosy!
Treat yourself to the hottest, most flavourful coffee
you can get from your French press! You deserve it!

It keeps your coffee STEAMING HOT!

The Decent Cigar Emporium
The Decent Cigar Emporium stock quality, handrolled cigars from Cuba, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua and Jamaica.

Fair Trade Coffee Online
Be certain that the workers who harvest and process the coffee you buy are treated fairly.

FoozeballStore.com &

Two great
foozball table sites that carry more than just foozball.
Air Hockey Store
High quality tables.

Sur La Table
Gifts for the Gourmet.

Tasty Gifts: Toblerone , Belgian Chocolate Factory , KISS ME Truffles & Almond Toffee

The Unusual and Bizarre...
For the new mother , Christmas gifts for people you hate , Craft Gifts for someone who has everything

Sick gift!!! Unique gifts from Lucky Toad Gift shop
Genuine toad leather gifts. The skin of the Cane Toad is strong tough and durable. It's not bulletproof but still, it makes up into excellent leather good gift items for your luck and fun.

Great Cheese Value gift: Star Wars Holiday Special

The stinky, nauseating nadir of the Star Wars universe is not Yoda's home planet of Dagobah but the Star Wars Holiday Special, an experience equal parts horrific and disco-riffic. Pop Culture at it's worst...
Read another review HERE!

Perhaps it would make a good gift!

Read this great tale about gift trading.

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