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The Bean Scoop's caffeinated movie reviews

Manon of the Spring

Classic Foreign Release
(French - English subtitles.)
Emmanuelle Béart, Jean Bouchaud,
Gerard &
Elisabeth Depardieu.

Genre: Drama
Rating: R - Some nudity.
Highly recommended! 5 Beans out of 5!

Sit back and relax with this cinematic masterpiece.

Pros: Wonderful production values, absorbing drama.
Cons: Some may find it too slow-paced.

Jean de Florette, together with its sequel, Manon of the Spring, is a wonderful example of filmmaking craft, with mesmerizing drama spun from what is really the simplest of tales, exceptional acting and a breathtaking setting - the mountains of Provence in France.

A passage into an entirely different way of life, the pretenses and intense intellectualizations of modern life are stripped away as the cast grapples with universal human concerns -- love, death, money and the ongoing struggle to survive.

The film ends with shocking revelations that the viewer could never have guessed. The plot comes full circle and couldn't be more ironically perfect!

Reviewed by D. Davavich

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