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Groovin' To The Grounds

The White Stripes

...The Redd and White Stripes - Redd Blood Cells . “I added bass to their songs, I didn’t set out to ‘improve’ them. It’s just really fun to play along with [drummer] Meg [White]. With bass, ‘Dead Leaves’ turns into a dark, heavy Black Sabbath song. And it’s fun to be in Black Sabbath for the afternoon!” -- Steven McDonald of Redd Cross ... READ A REVIEW HERE!

... Also be sure to check out the hilarious White Stripes "Punk Kittens" online video by Joel Veitch as well as a bunch of other fun cool videos (you must see Viking Kittens!) at his website rathergood.com
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

"BRMC from 'Frisco via LA via a spanking new sonic cathedral somewhere on the Mojave wastelands - are almost mathematically cool; engineered by scientists for optimum cult appeal and smoulderability. Page one of the Lou Reed Guide To Being All Moody And Mysterious And That, it's all here - the black leather jackets, the vintage metal T-shirts, the cheekbones The Strokes could sue over, the burning desire for the world to still be in black and white."- Read the rest of this NME review HERE!

"A lot of people are saying it these days.. Fans are saying it, critics are saying it. Hell, Liam Gallager of Oasis even says it, and so does Neil Young.. They say that “the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are saving rock n’ roll.” Now, that’s a pretty heavy label to slap on a band..." - Read the complete CRUD Magazine interview HERE!

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