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Stop The Presses!
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Got your paper, settled for a Saturday morning, sipping your coffee. You pour a second cup; it's cold.

Love that French press/Bodum coffee, but hate that it cools so quickly.

Here's a new little number that will be music to your ears.
- Consumer beat

A coffee cosy, the brainchild of 54•40 bassist Brad Merritt no less, is now being marketed on the Internet.

The trendy-looking black cosies are made of Commander fabric, a cotton-poly blend that is water -- and dirt -- resistant. Folded inside these two thin layers of fabric are two layers of Solari, a metallic-type of insulating material used for oven mitts. It Velcroes around the glass shaft of the coffee maker, in each of the one-litre and 1.5-litre sizes.

The result? A non-bulky cosy that keeps coffee super warm.

Merritt, a longtime coffeephile from his days on the road, came up with the concept after too many cold cups. He says his cosy will keep a one-litre pot warm to within 5 C of your coffee's fresh-made temperature -- up to 25 minutes after you first make it. The larger pots stay that hot for up to 40 minutes after being made. We tried, and that tasted about right, which was a nice change for those of us who love our Bodum java hot.

Check out his Website at for more on the cosy, the French press, and coffee history and culture.

The cosy can be ordered from the site -- $16 for the one-litre size, $18 for 1.5-1itre size (price includes shipping). Or, if you prefer to run around town, you can pick them up at the Market Kitchen in the net loft on Granville Island, at $19.99 and $21.99 respectively.

It keeps your coffee STEAMING HOT!
The Decent Coffee Cosy, BUY IT HERE!

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