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Sleeping Beauty Becomes Indignant

by Zoe Landale

What she sees this time is him stroking
her hair, a gesture of such intimacy
she couldn't believe he'd reach out and fondle her
in front of another officer,
even if she was off-duty.

She and her friend had been talking
about how Jan was to be Watch Commander
and whose ass she'd chew, being Jan:
nothing personal mind you,

then her friend mentioned his name
and said, Oh look
and it was him wearing sunglasses
a different green jacket than the one he wore all winter.
He was working

and wouldn't join them but
while he waited for coffee he drifted
over and stood beside their table
just long enough to caress her
as if his hands didn't know
he was still talking
and she, she leaned into his touch
as if it were home.
a closed category

where's your discretion?

the Queen of Mean

looks like she belongs on the back of a bike, another officer once said

what are the odds?

outside, the Queen of Mean waiting for caffeine; she elicits full confessions from rapists, pats them on the arm

bonding technique used in interrogation

The difficulty presented

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