The Story

A while back, when a friend bought me a french press coffee maker, I found that it was easy to use and made the best coffee I'd ever had.

That is, until the second cup... that's when I found the press didn't keep the coffee hot. Faced with this dilemma, I met the challenge head-on with some wacky innovations...

While these ideas worked to varying degrees, each 'solution' created new problems:

  • Decanting into pre-heated thermos. Oxidization from decanting affected taste adversely.
  • Covering with tea towels. Ineffective.
  • Re-heating 2nd mug in microwave. 1. Inconsistent heat
    2. Taste altered 3. Additional time and energy.
  • Wrapping french press with oven mitts and elastic bands. Close! But crazy!

There must be a better way! The concept of keeping the heat in made sense...

After much consideration and coffee-inspired conversation with my wife and a friend, the perfect design came into focus.

Decent Coffee Cosy

And it worked!

The Decent Coffee Cosy: BUY IT HERE! It keeps your coffee STEAMING HOT!